Liikenne Rundgren Oy / quality promise

1.1.2022 - 31.12.2022

48 § Quality promise for transport services

  1. We offer scheduled and charter transport services.
  2. We will communicate any changes or cancellations in our services on our website
  3. We use Oy Matkahuolto Ab’s tickets and pricing. Information about the tickets and prices can be found on their website.
  4. We use Oy Matkahuolto Ab’s information and ticket system.
  5. We have 7 buses, 2 minibuses, and 5 charter service buses that are used for both scheduled and charter transport. At the moment, the company does not have a low-floor accessible equipment. The driver will provide you with an extra step when necessary to make getting on board easier.
  6. Customer satisfaction is measured through feedback. All feedback is logged and stored. Feedback can also be sent by e-mail at
  7. Complaints are handled confidentially and on a case by case basis. Damage claims and their amounts are also handled on a case by case basis.
  8. The bus staff will help passengers with limited mobility and keep them informed of any necessary information.